The Hemingway Review Vol.28 No.1 Fall 2008

The Hemingway Review Vol.28 No.1 Fall 2008
Table of Contents

• Pen/Hemingway Prize Keynote Address Delivered at the John F. Kennedy Library 30 March 2008 by Alice Hoffman

• Hemingway’s The Fifth Column, Fifthcolumnism, and the Spanish Civil War by Noël Valis

• Harry Burns and Professor MacWalsey in Ernest Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not by Bert Bender

• Hemingway’s Modern Hymn: Music and the Church as Background Sources for “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” by Nicole J. Camastra

• Mano a Mano Rivalries in Spain and America: Hemingway vs. Faulkner in The Dangerous Summer by Joseph Fruscione

• “A Very Attractive Devil”: Gregory Hemingway in Islands in the Stream by Fred Ashe

• The Religious Implications of Fishing and Bullfighting in Hemingway’s Work by Agori Kroupi

• Traces of A. E. Housman (and Shakespeare) in Hemingway by George Monteiro

• Singling Out John Monk Saunders: Hemingway’s Thoughts on an Imitator by  Jill Jividen Goff

• Race and Identity in Hemingway’s Fiction (review) by Robert C. Clark

• Adiós Hemingway (review) by Ron McFarland

• Critical Companion to Ernest Hemingway: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work (review) by Verna Kale

• A Sea of Change: Ernest Hemingway and the Gulf Stream, A Contextual Biography (review) by Kathleen Robinson

• Current Bibliography by Kelli A. Larson

• Bulletin Board

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