The Hemingway Review Vol.37 No.1 Fall 2017

The Hemingway Review v37 n1 Fall 2017

Table of Contents

Abbreviations for the Works of Ernest Hemingway

PEN/Hemingway Keynote Address Delivered at the John F. Kennedy Library 2 April 2017 by Roxana Robinson

Hemingway's Requiem for Battle Fields: "Atomic Jokes" Hiroshima/Nagasaki in Across the River and into the Trees by Hideo Yanagisawa

"How the Weather Was": Anthropogenic Climate Change and Environmental Damage in Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa by Lisa Tyler

Wise Blood: Menstruation, Fertility, and the "Disappointment" in Hemingway's Across the River and into the Trees by Mark Cirino, Amanda Kay Oaks

Breaking Forelegs: Hemingway's Early Prefaces by Ross K. Tangedal

"Dear Mr. Hemingway": Modernism, the Market, and the Fan Mail Reception of A Farewell to Arms by Jace Gatzemeyer

Hemingway's "Now I Lay Me," Prayer, and The Fisher King by Peter L. Hays

Ernest Hemingway: A Biography by Mary V. Dearborn (review) by Scott Donaldson

Ernest Hemingway: A New Life by James M. Hutchisson (review)  by Scott D. Yarbrough

Hemingway's Brain by Andrew Farah (review) by Susan F. Beegel

Hemingway at War: Ernest Hemingway's Adventures as a World War II Correspondent by Terry Mort (review) by Mark Cirino

Teaching Hemingway and Gender ed. by Verna Kale (review) by Krista Quesenberry

Current Bibliography by Kelli A. Larson

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