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Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 03/18/2018

Wayne Catan interviews Louis Begley, the 1992 PEN/Hemingway Award winner for Wartime Lies.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 03/10/2018

Wayne Catan interviews Joan Silber, the 1981 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Household Words.

Ron Berman, 03/01/2018

Ron Berman tackles Retold Lives in this latest "Books in the Background" entry.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 02/13/2018

Wayne Catan interviews Ha Jin, the 1997 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Ocean of Words

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 02/01/2018

Wayne Catan interviews Jennifer Haigh, the 2004 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Mrs. Kimble.

Wayan Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 01/07/2018

Wayne Catan interviews Edward P. Jones, the 1993 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Lost in the City​.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 12/07/2017

Wayne Catan interviews Gabriel Brownstein, 2003 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner.

Ron Berman, 12/04/2017

Ron Berman tackles Economics and Literature in this latest "Books in the Background" entry.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 10/23/2017

Wayne Catan interviews Marilynne Robinson, 1982 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Housekeeping​.

Robert K Elder, 10/19/2017

Robert K. Elder explores Hemingway-Inspired Disney Comics

Wayne Catan, 09/27/2017

Wayne Catan interviews Teju Cole, 2012 PEN/Hemingway Award winner for Open City.

Ron Berman, 08/21/2017

Ron Berman discusses  Hemingway's use of "common minds" in his latest installment in the Books in the Background series.

Michael Von Cannon, 08/09/2017

Website news coordinator, Michael Von Cannon, interviews the head bartender, Colin Peter Field, from Ritz Paris's Bar Hemingway.

Wayne Catan, 07/12/2017

Wayne Catan interviews 2005 PEN/Hemingway Award winner, Chris Abani.

Peter Hays, 05/31/2017

A new conference quilt.

Peter Hays, 05/31/2017

Chicago Med "borrows" a plot from a Hemingway story.

Wayne Catan, 05/31/2017

Wayne Catan interviews 2017 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Homegoing.

Wayne Catan, 05/05/2017

Wayne Catan interviews Brigid Pasulka, 2010 PEN/Hemingway Award winner for A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True.

Ron Berman, 05/05/2017

Ron Berman tackles Hemingway's France in this eighth installment of Books in the Background.

Wayne Catan, 04/13/2017

In this latest installment, Wayne Catan interviews Jane Hamilton, 1989 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for The Book of Ruth.