Critical Insights Volume: Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms

For Critical Insights volume under contract:

Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms


We seek submissions for a Critical Insights volume, under contract with Salem Press, on Hemingway’s 1929 novel, A Farewell to Arms—praised as “one of Hemingway’s best literary works.” This first-person wartime narrative follows incidents in the life of American Lieutenant Frederick Henry volunteering as an ambulance corpsman in the Italian army and his love affair with nurse Catherine Barkley. The five-part novel was alternatingly deemed “pornographic,” “offensive,” and “brilliant,” and was subjected to censorship and banning while being hailed as “the premier American war novel of World War I.”

Submissions should be representative of current critical discourse about the novel and conceptually within reach of current students at the secondary and undergraduate levels. Essays that attempt to articulate the tension between the very real controversies and the beauties of the wartime novel will be appreciated, as well as those that compare his work to other compelling writers/texts of Hemingway’s time and today.

Submissions should be tailored to one of the following categories:

  • A COMPREHENSIVE BIOGRAPHICAL essay (~2500 words);
  • A CRITICAL RECEPTION essay (~5000 words) that traces the reception of Hemingway’s novel from publication to today;
  • CRITICAL LENS essays (~5000 words) that offer a close reading of the novel from a particular critical standpoint;
  • COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS essays (~5000 words) that analyze the work as influential to—or influenced by—another work by this or another author;
  • CRITICAL READING essays (~5000 words) that focus on contemporary readings of a Hemingway’s novel, with emphasis on ways readers (i.e. students in secondary and university settings) might be able to appreciate or problematize the text(s) with new eyes and current literary theories.

By June 30, please submit a 250-350-word abstract, a 75-word biographical statement (including your affiliation), and contact information to the acquiring editor, Dr. Laura Nicosia:

Submissions of approximately 5000 words (inclusive of Works Cited) will need to be completed by August 19, utilizing MLA style.

Honoraria will be awarded by the publisher to contributors after publication.