Hemingway eMail Discussion List

Heming-L@mtu.edu is the official Hemingway Society email discussion list. Everyone with an interest in the life and/or creative works of Ernest Miller Hemingway is invited to join. To join the listserv, send an email to heming-l+subscribe@mtu.edu. No additional information is needed in your email.

The list is composed of about 160 Hemingway aficionados, some of them the top Hemingway scholars on the planet. Commonly, list subscribers submit literary or biographical queries, or announcements of events relevant to Hemingway, such as workshops, conferences, meetings, calls for papers, or public readings of the author’s stories.

The amount of ‘traffic’ on the list varies from week to week, but during the academic/school year, subscribers may receive around 10 to 20 emails per week, each generally about a paragraph or two long.

The list is free of charge and subscribers are only asked to keep topics relevant to Hemingway, and to use proper netiquette.

Should you wish to stop your subscription, send an email to heming-L+unsubscribe@mtu.edu. No additional information is needed in your email. Note that the email address you use to stop your subscription must be the email address that you wish to drop.