Hemingway Session at the ALA 2020 Conference in San Diego, May 21-24, 2020

Call for Papers

American Literature Association Annual Conference

May 21-24, 2020

San Diego, CA



The Ernest Hemingway Society will sponsor the following panel at the upcoming ALA Conference:

The Paratextual Hemingway

In his recent essay in the Hemingway Review, Michael Thurston argues that the paratexts (covers, title pages, dedications, chapter headings) and bibliographic texts (paper, typefaces, print layout) of Ernest Hemingway’s 1924 in our time “sometimes produce a hermeneutic effect, resonating with themes that arise from the texts, and sometimes produce what can be thought of as a positional effect, inviting certain protocols of reading that suggest to the reader the kind of book in her or his hands” (9). In light of this inventive new attention to the material features of in our time, this panel proposes to examine the paratexts and bibliographic texts of Hemingway’s literary production. What meaning can we draw from these physical artifacts? What signifying properties can be found in the dust jacket, the title page, or even the paper upon which Hemingway’s work is printed? How might these material features help us rethink Hemingway’s modernism and his place in the matrix of early twentieth-century modernist literary experimentation?

Please direct your 250 word proposal and a short professional bio to Jace Gatzemeyer at  jace.gatzemeyer@gmail.com. The deadline for proposals is January 1, 2020. Papers will be limited to 15-20 minutes.