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Sharon Hamilton and John Hargrove, 07/29/2023

Remembering Hemingway's first summer in Pamplona, 100 years ago this month

Miguel Izu, 07/14/2023

Miguel Izu responds to a review of his book in the Fall 2021 issue of the Hemingway Review

Iñaki Sagarna, 06/30/2023

You can preview the countryside where the 2024 Hemingway Society conference will be held by viewing television coverage July 1-3 of the Tour de France. 

Peter Hays, 06/16/2023

Learn how a knowledge of twentieth-century fishing practices could help vindicate Dr. Adams of "Indian Camp"

J.S. Campbell, 05/04/2023

Is a community in Virginia using parents' rights as a Trojan horse for a new wave of book banning?

J.S. Campbell, 04/18/2023

Should Hemingway's books be banned in the name of parental rights?

Andrew Scragg, 04/03/2023

How Trollope and Hemingway identify the masculine values of a changing world

Andrew Scragg, 03/10/2023

Living at times of great social and political change, the Victorian and the modernist looked at what these changes meant for masculinity

E. Stone Meredith, 02/21/2023

Learn how Hemingway leveraged his talents to show America what was really happening in the aftermath of the deadly hurricane that hit Key West in 1935

E. Stone Meredith, 02/02/2023

Learn how Hemingway's on-the-spot coverage of the 1935 Key West hurricane for the New Masses changed the genre of hurricane reporting

John Hargrove, 01/05/2023

How Max Eastman's publishers edited the Socket Photo to make it appropriate for a 1964 audience

John Hargrove, 12/26/2022

John Hargrove explains a photograph of a nearly naked Hemingway wearing what looks like a teacup on a string over his genitals

Greer Rising and Eileen Martin, 12/09/2022

What does Ernest mean when he refers to a "devil box" in his letters of the 1950s?

John W. Crowley, 11/28/2022

Learn who wrote the venomous review of Leonard Brown's scholarly book on Hemingway that ultimately blocked its publication.

John W. Crowley, 11/18/2022

John W. Crowley solves the mystery of what happened to a scholar's book on Hemingway

Steve Paul, 10/28/2022

Could a French surrealist's memoir have inspired Hemingway's short story "God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen"?

Mary-Jo Adams, 10/11/2022

Learn more about the museum housed in Hemingway's Cuban home

Dermot Ross, 10/02/2022

Learn how a Kiwi--Auckland lawyer Dermot Ross--sees the 2022 Hemingway Society conference in Wyoming and Montana

Dermot Ross, 09/28/2022

Read a New Zealander's report on the 2022 Hemingway conference in Sheridan, Wyoming, and Cooke City, Montana 

Josep Salip and Jorge Isaac Medina, 09/13/2022

Visit Pescador con Marlin, a Canary Islands sculpture inspired by The Old Man and the Sea