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Children's Book Copyright Lawsuit

Fredrik Colting and Melissa Medina's publication of KinderGuides, a collection of children's books based on literary classics (including The Old Man and the Sea), has led to a copyright lawsuit filed by the writers' estates and by the Penguin Random House and Simon & Schus

Grammy Nominations for Hemingway Concerto

The concerto "Tales of Hemingway" has received three Grammy nominations for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, Best Classical Compendium, and Best Contemporary Classical Composition.

Marjorie Bump Letters Find a New Home

The Michigan Hemingway Society has permanently loaned its collection (orignally donated by David and Stephanie Meeker) of nearly 250 letters between Hemingway's childhood friend Marjorie Bump (Main) and writer Donald St.

Stolen Elk Horns Returned

Anita Thompson has returned the trophy elk horns that her late husband, the gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, stole from Hemingway’s house in Ketchum, Idaho, over 50 years ago.  As a young journalist in 1964, Thompson traveled to Idaho to write about Hemingway’s suicide and, taken with the antlers, left with more than a story.  Thompson remained embarrassed and remorseful about the theft and, in early August, his widow contacted the Ketchum Community Library in order to make preparations to return the trophy, which has been given to Seán Hemingway.   

Writers' Retreat in Hemingway's Wyoming

The inaugural “Hemingway’s Wyoming” retreat, which was launched by Darla Worden, recently ran from 12-14 August.  Similar to her Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris, workshop participants renew their creative energy by learning about how place—in this case, sites in Sheridan and the Big Horn Mountains—influenced Hemingway's writing.  Worden's

Paris in 2018!

XVIII International Hemingway Conference


“Paris est une fête” . . . Hemingway's Moveable Feast


JULY 22-28, 2018

Conference Co-Directors: H. R. Stoneback & Matthew Nickel

Paris Site Coordinators: Alice Mikal Craven & William E. Dow

Host Institution: The American University of Paris