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Fedele Temperini, the Savior along the Piave?

Historian Marino Perissinotto has identified the WWI soldier who inadvertently saved Hemingway’s life by taking the brunt of a mortar explosion on July 8th, 1918.  By whittling down James McGrath Morris’s list of 18 candidates (see his postscript to The Ambulance Drivers), Perissonotto hypothesizes that Fedele Temperini, a 26-year-old soldier from Montalcino, was Hemingway's savior along the Piave.  For more details about Temperini and Perissinotto's historical research, see Morris’s recent 

Marlin Letter Hooks Hefty Price

Hemingway’s 1935 letter to Erl Roman, fishing editor of the Miami Herald, sold for $28,000 through Nate D. Sanders Auctions.  The letter details Hemingway’s fishing trip with Henry Strater, his capture of a 500 lb. marlin, and an ensuing battle with sharks, a pivotal event that helped inspire The Old Man and the Sea.  The letter also includes a photo of Hemingway, Strater, and the half-eaten marlin.

Hemingway Society Formed in Sunshine State

On Saturday, 27 October, at the Santa Fe College Spring Arts House in Gainesville, Florida, founding members of the Florida Hemingway Society held the inaugural meeting.  This organization is devoted to advancing the appreciation of Ernest Hemingway's life and work in Florida and the Gulf Stream and to explore modern-day intersections with the celebrated writer across the Humanities. Stone Meredith and Rebecca Johnston, who initiated the creation of this society, presided over the opening sessions and hosted the one-hour virtual conference.

Rare Stories in a new For Whom the Bell Tolls Edition

“The Monument” and “Indian Country and the White Army”--two stories Hemingway wrote in the 1950s--will be included in the forthcoming reissue of For Whom the Bell Tolls.  This new edition, scheduled for Summer 2019,  will also include “A Room on the Garden Side,” a WWII story published recently in The Strand Magazine.

Explore Hemingway in Wyoming Event

On August 30th, 2018, writers Sigrid Nunez and Darla Worden will read from their most recent books (The Friend and The Dignity of the Iceberg, respectively) at an event celebrating Hemingway’s Wyoming.  The r

Senator John McCain

The Hemingway Society joins the nation in mourning the loss of Senator John McCain. He was a voracious reader and passionate advocate of literature who authored more than a half-dozen books. Sen. McCain also happened to be one of the most famous fans of  Hemingway in the world today.

JFK Library Hemingway Grant

The deadline to apply for the JFK Library Hemingway Grant to use the Hemingway Collection is November 1, 2018. Click HERE for more information.

Hemingway WWII Story Now Published

Completed in 1956 and set in the Ritz hotel in Paris after Allied forces have liberated the city, Hemingway’s WWII story “A Room on the Garden Side” was published in The Strand Magazine.  Kirk Curnutt provides an afterword, describing how “the story implicitly wonders whether the heritage of Parisian culture can recover from the dark taint of fascism.”